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Debit Card Support

A text alert from First Nebraska Bank warning of suspicious activity on your card will NEVER include a link to be clicked. Never click on a link in a text message that is supposedly from us. A valid notification will provide information about the suspect transaction and ask the cardholder to reply to the text message with answers such as ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘help’, or ‘stop’. It will never include a link.

A text alert from First Nebraska Bank will always be from a 5-digit number and NOT a 10-digit number resembling a phone number. Text caller ID will be 37268.

A phone call from our institution’s automated dialer will only include a request for your zip code, and no other personal information, unless you confirm that a transaction is fraudulent. Only then will you be transferred to an agent who will ask questions to confirm that you are the actual cardholder before going through your transactions with you. If at any point you are uncertain about questions being asked or the call itself, hang up and call us directly. If a call is received by the cardholder, claiming to be our call center and asking to verify transactions, no information should have to be provided by the cardholder other than their zip code, and a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the transaction provided.

We will NEVER ask you for your PIN or the 3-digit security code on the back of your card. Don’t give them out to anyone, no matter what they say. Hang up and call us directly. Fraudsters will often ask cardholders to verify fake transactions. When the cardholder says no, they did not perform those transactions, the fraudster then says that their card will be blocked, a new card will be issued, and that they need the card’s PIN to put it on the new card. Many people believe this and provide their PIN. The 3-digit CV2 code on the back of the card will allow a fraudster to conduct card-not-present transactions.

Regularly check your account online to see if there are any suspicious transactions that have occurred, but especially if you are unsure about a call or text message you’ve received. If anything looks out of the ordinary, call us directly for assistance.

If you have received a voice or text message from us and are unsure about responding to it, call us directly for assistance.


First Nebraska Bank – Card Care Center – Phone Numbers

Debit Card PN Create/Change

(800) 992-3808 toll free

Cardholder will be asked; card number, 3-digit CCV2 code, last 4 of SS#, & their zip code

Debit Card Support Center

(833) 221-8696 toll free. Ex.596 speed dial

  • Refer cardholder for debit card related issues
  • Card Production Inquiries
  • Card Replacements for damaged cards
  • PIN Reset (to unlock card, when customer had entered the wrong PIN to many times)
  • Declined transaction inquires
  • Travel exceptions
  • Report lost and stolen cards

Debit Card Dispute Center

(833) 221-8697 toll free. Ex.597 speed dial

  • Refer cardholder to initiate disputes & to receive provisional credit for FRAUD and non-FRAUD transactions.

Some cardholders may require assistance, which may preclude you from referring them to the toll-free number; you may call the Dispute Center with customer or call the Dispute Center on behalf of cardholder)

Debit Card Fraud Center

(877) 253-8694 # contacting cardholders

(844) 682-4502 # they will be asked to call (to verify suspect trans)

A cardholder with a cell phone will receive text alerts from number 37268. (Short code)

Cardholder will respond with a “yes” if they authorized transaction identified in text message.

Cardholder will respond with a “no” if they did not authorize transaction identified. This would identify the transaction as FRAUD and cardholder will be referred to the Dispute Center to perform dispute and change the status of card from ACTIVE to HOT CARD.