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April Tips

Help Your Team or Family Stop Foreign Hackers
Don’t let bad actors take advantage of you. Most cyber-attacks start when an end-user accidentally lets the bad guys into the system. Share these simple rules with your team or at home to protect data at work and at home.

Choose a Strong Password
This simple step can prevent a lot of data breaches. The best passwords are abbreviations of phrases you can easily remember such as “WW2DN21!” (“We went to Disney in 2021”).

Use Multifactor Authentication (MFA)
When It’s Available This is the feature that texts a code to your phone when you attempt to log into systems. Using MFA stops almost all breaches because foreign hackers have almost no chance of ever seeing your phone.

Think Before You Click
Closely check links in emails before you click them. The link may have a familiar name (like Microsoft or Amazon) but really point to a fraudulent address that steals information. Hover your mouse over a link to see where it’s going to take you.

Don’t Open Unexpected Files
Whether files come to you as an email attachment or even on a USB drive you find in the office, don’t open anything you weren’t expecting to receive. Be cautious even if the files seem to come from a user you know. Hackers can impersonate known users via email.

Check Each Website’s Security
Hackers may steal data when you visit an insecure site. So look for indicators of a secure connection, such as https:// in the address; a lock sign in the browser’s address bar; or a green highlight on the merchant’s name.

Choose WiFi Networks Carefully
Public WiFi networks usually aren’t secured. So only visit trusted websites on public networks. When possible, use your phone’s mobile data, which is typically encrypted.

Source: Pratum, Inc

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