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Agriculture Loans

Everything You Need to Manage & Expand Your Farm

Agriculture Loans to Fit Your Farm

Agriculture is the heart of Nebraska, and First Nebraska Bank is dedicated to helping the farmers in our community manage, expand and improve their farm operations. We offer agriculture loans with a full range of terms to meet your specific needs. Just call or stop in at any of our branches and talk to one of our loan officers for details.

Real Estate Loans

First Nebraska Bank can provide financing to purchase or refinance your agricultural real estate, and we offer loans for acquisitions or expansion of your farm.

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Operating Loans

When your farm requires capital to grow, trust First Nebraska Bank to be the partner you can count on. Whether you need capital to purchase additional equipment or refinance debt, our loan officers will help you find a long-term fixed-rate or variable-rate loan that meets your needs.

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Lines of Credit

Operating your farm requires a steady stream of capital, so First Nebraska Bank offers lines of credit to help ensure that you don’t fall short. Our working-capital lines of credit are available on a revolving basis for your inventory, livestock inputs and other short-term financing needs.

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Term Financing

First Nebraska Bank’s term loans are available for various purposes, including acquisitions, equipment financing and livestock financing. And, we can tailor the down payment and terms to fit the needs of your farm operation.

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FSA Loans

First Nebraska Bank is proud to offer FSA-guaranteed loans. We were one of the first banks in Nebraska to earn the designation of Preferred Lender from the USDA/Farm Service Agency.

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